Questions and Answers

At what point after my diagnosis should I contact New AttitudeTM?

You can contact us at any time.

If you have been recently diagnosed, you may want to speak with us to get. detailed information on what we can offer you. The more informed you are about what services are available, the better you will be better able to make decisions regarding your post mastectomy treatment. If you are still undergoing medical treatment, we can discuss a timetable for you to begin your prosthetic restoration at New AttitudeTM.

Does having a bilateral mastectomy change the process?

Not at all. If convenient, a cast of your breasts can be taken before your surgery. However, it isn’t difficult to sculpt the correct size and shape of the breast prostheses if a pre-surgical cast has not been done. What is an appropriate breast size and shape will depend on a woman’s height and the breadth of her chest and her personal choice. Our clients have the opportunity to view and assess the prototype sculptures as they are developed. The feedback our clients give us during the prosthetic prototype development stage guarantees the best possible final results.

Additional appointment time is required to create the sculptural prototypes for women who have had a double mastectomy.

Is a “weighted” or heavy prosthesis necessary for me to maintain balance?

There is no medical evidence that women are required to wear a heavy prosthesis. This is misinformation. Visit the Publications and Links section to read Irene Healey’s article discussing the issue, which was published on

Will I have trouble swimming with the prosthesis?

Our prosthesis is ideal for swimming due to its weight and design. You can wear a regular bathing suit. We will be able to suggest some bathing suit models and manufacturers. Our prosthetic material is not affected by heat or chemicals.

Is it hot to wear?

People vary in their sensitivity to heat. The New AttitudeTM custom breast prosthesis is designed to fit within the borders of a normal bra and therefore covers less area on the chest than the pre fabricated store bought models. Additionally, New AttitudeTM custom breast prostheses are custom designed so they stay in place and can be worn without a bra, allowing the client to wear cool summer clothing. As a result, hot weather and elevated body temperature due to menopausal symptoms have not been a problem.

How does it stay in place without adhesives?

Adhesives are not recommended. Adhesives are uncomfortable, difficult to use and shorten the life of the prosthesis. The New Attitude custom breast prosthesis is made out of new proprietary material that adheres to the skin and allows your chest  to move behind it. 

The New AttitudeTM prosthesis stays in position because:

  • The back surface reflects the contours of your chest
  • The prosthesis is very lighweight. There is no weight to cause it to fall forward when you lean forward
  • The prosthesis is designed to perfectly fit the bras of your choice. Your bra gently holds the soft prosthesis against your chest, similar to how it holds your natural breast in position.

                 HB 001.jpg   HB three quarter view.jpg

How can I go braless without using any glue?

The breast prosthesis is designed to fit with the contours and movement of your chest so it does not become displaced. The prosthesis is very light so it does not fall forward when you bend over. Also the material used to create the prosthesis is as soft as breast tissue. The prosthesis compresses against your body in a way that is similar to how your own breast compresses when a tight fitting top is worn.

PE      PE Sports Bra Arm Up - YES1.jpg    PE Sports bra  YES.jpg

PE, bilateral breast prostheses

The New AttitudeTM custom made breast prosthesis is worn without glue due to our accurate fitting and dynamic assessment process. The prostheses can be worn without a bra in athletic wear. The prostheses will appear natural and move with the body.

I will be wearing the prosthesis daily. How do I clean it and keep it hygienic?

The front and back of the New AttitudeTM custom made breast prosthesis is composed of a continuous silicone skin that stretches when it is pressed, similar to how your skin behaves. The prosthesis is sealed by this skin and it is very easy to keep clean. No special solutions are necessary. It is enough to wash it daily with a mild soap and water.


Posterior surface of a New AttitudeTM custom made breast prosthesis

The New AttitudeTM custom made breast prosthesis has a posterior surface composed of an uniform layer of silicone that has been formed to reflect the contours of the chest. There are no openings or holes in the prosthesis design that can collect debris and make it unhygienic and difficult to clean.

Why do I need to see someone? Why can’t you just take a cast?

A cast is only part of the information one needs to create a superior custom breast prosthesis.

You need to see us because the cast (or body replica) often needs to be modified. The plaster cast only provides a hard copy of your chest, regardless of whether different areas of your chest are firm or soft. For example, many older women with larger cup sizes have loose skin at the mastectomy site. This requires modifications to the cast to accommodate the movement of the soft tissue. Even younger women with firm tissue have changes in the surface anatomy created by their chest muscles. This movement must be studied to assure that the sculptural prototype fits and accommodates your body movement.


Right side mastectomy site with right arm raised (left) and lowered (right)

The contours of the chest are quite different when an arm is raised or lowered. These photographs illustrate the need for an assessment of the movements of the chest. Changes in the design of the “sculptural prototype” can be made during the developmental stage so the final prostheses accommodates the contour changes that occur with movement.

How do I know the prosthesis will suit me?

You know it will fit well and suit you, because you are with us during the design process. We know what needs to be done to create the best prosthesis, and we include your opinions in our process. You will have the opportunity to try on the prototype, and view yourself in a mirror. We listen to your input and adjust the prototype where we can, to accommodate your wishes.

Clients are encouraged to assess the work in progress and comment on the development of the breast prosthesis by trying on the breast prototype with their bras and clothing.

OG, left breast prosthesis            28 AW bra.jpg

Verification of prosthesis design and modification of “test model” before final breast prosthesis fabrication